20 Interesting facts about dreams

A dream can influence any emotions on humans much better than in real life. These emotions include happiness, fear, grieving, confusions, etc. Since we all get to dream in one night or another, there are many names given for “dream”. But, the word “dreams” in particular, comes from the German word “dragmus”. It means illusion.

Do you know that snoring and dreaming cannot happen at the same time? For elderly people, dreams do not come in one stretch, but rather they appear in smaller discontinued versions. Thus, extending the dreaming period to nearly one hour. A dream duration can be anything from half hour to three hours for a day. Until we die, we spend almost one quarter or more of our life in sleeping. Within this period, we dream for nearly 6 whole years. But unfortunately, most of these dreams will not be remembered by our brain.

20 Interesting facts about dreams
20 Interesting facts about dreams

With a rate of 4% for a day, for an entire year, an average human will face around 1,460 dreams. Do you?

Ancient Egyptians who were admiring the Sun as their God considered the dreams as a playful act by the Sun.

Chinese consider dreams as a sign or prediction of events that are about to happen in the near future.

Modern science has discovered that not only the number of dreams we face is true, but in most case, tangible feeling we get during the dream is also true. According to Christianity, parents of Jesus Christ, Mary, and Joseph, also had six dreams that taught them the godly missions, commandments, and sometimes gave warnings.

A newly born infant is going to sleep for almost 80% of his entire time. And most of that time will be dreams. Unfortunately, in that age, we hardly have any understanding of what is happening. According to Plato’s philosophies, he claimed that the dreams actually begin from our stomach.

Even the invention of the sewing machine by Elias Howe was also an inspiration from one of his dreams. Elias dreamt of humans been eaten by cannibals and their wounds stitched using a needle.

Except those who are severely injured or in a very bad physical condition, we all get dreams. But since we do not remember most of these dreams, we pretend that we never dreamed of those things.

We get a dream at a rate of one per every 90 minutes. The longest of dreams happen during early mornings. The research based on dreams is known events.

There are also other weird practices about our condition. Some tribe of Africa prohibits you from dreaming about another one’s wife. If you dream, then you will have a severe punishment.

When dreams happen, our blood rate increases. This will also increase the temperature of our bodies.