A good news for all who uses smartphone – Kiss Phone

Experts have created a new gadget that could be used with most of the trending smartphones. This gadget could transfer your kisses to your beloved ones with the same sensual feelings as in reality.

Just as much as it is true, it also a totally unbelievable invention. Emma Yen Chen, a student who has been studying in a university in London is the one who has made this creative invention. She has also named her invention as ‘KISSENGER’.

kiss smart phonesAlthough this is not completely out for public and still some more experiments to be done, this will soon hit the market says Emma. She has further stated that after attaching the KISSENGER gadget to your smartphones, you will be able to transfer kiss with a touch of reality.

In this modern era, we have been given the great freedom to talk, and chat with our loved ones whenever we decide, from anywhere in the world. But, the kisses and love we share through smartphone take only the form of word and sound as of now, and not with a sensual feeling. The sensors planted inside the KISSENGER are capable of transmitting your lip movements and making the kiss more sensual.

However, the disappointing news about this new gadget is that this is only capable of working with iPhones alone. However, when the gadget becomes available for public use, it will be able to work for the scripts of other operating systems such as Android. Emma has mentioned that she is already taking the efforts to make it happen.