Great methods to reduce your electricity bill

If I should ask you all the question “to what do we use electricity?”, then it shall be one of the easiest questions to answer. But if I ask you “how do you waste electricity?”, then it shall be not as simple as before. Isn’t it?

Nevertheless, it is very important that every person should be aware of electricity is wasted in a daily life. The reason is simply because the resources are becoming increasingly limited.
At one point or another, we all would have come across days where we see an Air Conditioner, Fan, TV, or Radio, simply running without no one getting a use from it.

Great methods to reduce your electricity bill
Great methods to reduce your electricity bill

Sometimes, even at very lit room condition we tend to use the switch on the lights. The list doesn’t end with these but progresses to many electronic gadgets that we use. We will most likely never notice the consequences of our effects until it all get summed up in our monthly/annual expenses.

So, here’s a head start for you to get this one bill sorted out before things go out of hand.

Electric Fans, Air Conditioner, Air Cooler

These items generally consume a lot of power. So, choose something very efficient and economic for you. And clean the blades of your fans as frequent as you can. The more dust stacked on it, the more energy it is going to consume.

Grinder, Mixer

Same as for fans, pick equipment that is efficient. And use them to their fullest capabilities. It will reduce the workload, and as well as keep it efficient.

Washing Machines

Use them to their fullest potential. If your machine has n inbuilt dryer, then it is best recommended not to use it often, as this will take up electricity more. Instead, use the only when you can’t dry your clothes naturally.

Water Heater

Well, you can’t do much with the heater itself. But, you can make the pipelines efficient. The pipelines from the heater should be well insulated and must have no leaks.

Computers, Desktops

Best recommended to be switch off and unplugged when not in use. If you are using a laptop then use the full potential of its battery, and unplug from charger whenever the battery is fully charged. This will reduce not only the consumption of electricity but will also give you the longest battery life.

Electric cooker

Make sure that you use pans with a flat bottom instead of a semi-spherical bottom. This will keep cooking efficiently.

Light bulbs

Using CFL bulbs is a good code of efficient.
Preventing electricity wastage in your home and workplace will in return save the whole environment you are living in.