How To Stop Messages In WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is now one of the leading social networks is the entire world.

When we use social networks, we should be very careful with what we could send or share in it. No matter how conscious we are, sometimes, at certain unavoidable circumstances, we do make some ‘silly’ mistakes. And we wish we could get back what we said.

So how do we get back the messages that we wish we didn’t send or have sent to another person by mistake.

How To Stop Messages In WhatsApp
How To Stop Messages In WhatsApp

Well, here’s the simple and easy trick to solve this.

When you have sent a message to someone, before the message becomes ‘sent’ to your phone, all you have to do is quickly disable your Wi-Fi or Data Package. Then the message will be locked in your phone only, and will not be sent. But you have to be fast with this and do it before the ‘sent’ status appears underneath your message.

Okay, there is also another method, probably the life-saver for many of us.

You can also make WhatsApp delete messages that have been sent already as well. Say you are a slow thinker and it happened. Now, before the message receives a ‘double tick’ or ‘delivered’ status, quickly block the person to whom you have sent the message. You can unblock that person later. Don’t worry the message you sent will be stuck in the infinite space and possibly will never return (let’s hope so).