The newly found human organ!!

Medical researchers from Ireland have found a new organ that has been hiding in our digestive system for nearly a hundred years. Although there has been some understanding about this new organ, the function and purpose of this organ was very poorly understood so far.

The new organ, known as the Mesentery, was found in our digestive system was earlier understood as fragmented tissues. But the new research has revealed that this is not a bunch of separate tissues but actually one part.

newly found human organ

Prof J. Calvin Coffey from the University of Limerick of Ireland, who was one of the first to discover the organ says “we are now saying we have an organ in the body which hasn’t been acknowledged as such to date”. He further adds, “this organ is far from fragmented and complex, but it is simply one continuous structure”.

The research team is now confident that through continuing researches on this organ, modern medical science will be able to distinctly identify diseases related to the particular organ, and develop suitable medicines. The continuing research will also reveal the true functional details of the new organ.

The new breakthrough and studies will also help the modern science with a more comprehensive approach to diagnosing diseases related to the digestive system in the near future.