What the Beep In The Deep Ocean

In the recent times, there have been wide speculations that the Canadian military and it’s service have been investigating on a beep sound that is echoing from the depths of the arctic. The echoing sound has been reported unusual and causing many to frighten.

Residents living in the Nunavut region of Canada has repeatedly complained to government authorities that there have been a disturbing beep sound coming from the sea. The strange noise, mostly reported to occur during night times, has frightened the residents living in the close circle.

Beep In The Deep Ocean
Beep In The Deep Ocean

The authorities have begun investigating on this issue after the increase in complaints.
It is also believed that species living in water in that region will also be affected and frightened due to this strange happening.

Paul Quassa, member of the legislative assembly, states that this could be due to large scale hunting that happens in the suspected region during winter season.

There are also other gossips that has risen in account of this event. Some believe that this could be some secret military operation, while others suspect that this might be some distress calls from aliens. Most of these speculations are still suspicions and remains to be confirmed by the authorities.

However, it is still to be fund whether this strange beep is caused by some mining under the sea or as an act to stop the large scale hunting.