Why Airlines Serve Salt-less Food Sometimes?

There’s always a difference when you travel on the ground and when you travel in an aircraft. Let it be the formalities, preparation, or the experience.

A difference that most of (not all) notice is the slight change in food served inside a flight compared with the food served while you are on the ground.

When we travel on the ground and when we get to have a snack or sort, we don’t feel much of a difference. But when the same food is served inside the aircraft we sometimes feel that the food is served blanc.

Why Airlines Serve Salt-less Food Sometimes?
Why Airlines Serve Salt-less Food Sometimes?

Unfortunately for those who take up the long journey they have no option but to have the food. Or else, in worse stubborn case, stay hungry and have it once you are landed.
But, the reason airlines serving you blanc food is sadly not a fault of them.

When we travel on high altitudes, our ability to taste the spices in the food will be somewhat reduced.

That is why we sometimes get a flavourless food while we fly in aircraft’s, not because the food is actually blanc.

So, why does this happens to us?

When the aircraft takes off to high altitude the moisture and the humidity inside the aircraft will drop quite significantly. Due to this drop in humidity and moisture in air, we are not able to taste or sense the spices in the food.

But some airlines have figured out this issue, and the normally serve their passengers, with an increased amount of spices in the food. So, the shortening in the senses is brought up with the increased level of spices.

And the food is normally packed, and freezed and re-heated before serving to protect the food.